Happy New Year: 1952

January 6, 1952 — The Salt Lake Tribune (Letter)

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This letter to the editor from an American woman appeared in “The Public Forum” of The Salt Lake Tribune newspaper in Utah.

Some Resolutions

Editor, Tribune:

Here are some New Year resolutions for some people who need them. The first one is for corrupt political machines and fellow travelers: fold up your tents and leave Washington. The next one is for Wall Street: clean the international gamblers out if you would survive in a free world. The next one is for the Republican and Democratic parties: stop trying to destroy the other fellow’s house if you would not be destroyed yourself. You have already done a good job of smashing each other’s windows, and your houses are not fit for human habitation. You need a thorough renovation, so get on the job.

Let us go forward in 1952, firm in our resolution to clean up America. Let us leave Asia to the Asiatic people, and Russia to the Russian people, and Iran to the Iranians, and get our boys out of Korea. I would make one more resolution for the United Nations Assembly: stop trying to make an end to war by killing off all the innocent people in the world. Get out of Korea.

Mrs. 1952.

IRAN PROTESTS 2022: Woman, Life, Freedom
IRAN PROTESTS 2022: Woman, Life, Freedom

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