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October 5, 1951 — The Elmira Star-Gazette (Letter)

Arash Norouzi

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American Way Good, Letís Keep It Forever

Spanning over half a century, the Cold War was largely about competing ideologiesóCommunism vs. Capitalism, Democracy vs. Totalitarianism...*

This letter to the editor of a New York newspaper in 1951 was a sincere, if somewhat simplistic affirmation of the American Way of life. The writer contrasted the Communist and Socialist collective ownership model with the free market system in America which incentives hard work and innovation.

By the end of the Cold War 40 years later, the United States was still standing, but the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was no longer united behind its tattered Iron Curtain. America was now the preeminent power in the world.

*In the process of this long campaign, and in the name of fighting Communism, the United States suppressed and deliberately thwarted genuine freedom struggles in many other parts of the world.

ē United States media archive

American Way Good, Letís Keep It Forever

Dear Editor:ó

At this time when the Crusade for Freedom is on I would like to express my views and opinions as I see them.

First, in this world today there are a lot of people with different ideas about how this nation of ours should be run. Some of them boil down to about the same thing.

No. 1 is democracy which means rule by the people. Brother, I love it. In my mind there is nothing like it. I can talk about the President if I donít like the way he does things. I can go to a church of my own choosing. If I want to be a millionaire I can take a crack at it. If I want to go to college itís up to me. In other words, if I want something and havenít got it, itís my own fault.

No. 2 is communism. What does it mean? Well, here it is. Itís a social system that puts property, capital and industry under the control of the community, and strives toward equal distribution of benefits. Sounds good, but it doesnít work that way. At least not in any of the countries that have it today.

In Russia and all the other communistic countries of Europe and Asia the people belong to the state, and the state belongs to Moscow. Sure a Commie will yell about equal rights, laugh at our Constitution and say, ďCreated equal, how come heís got money and you havenít?Ē

Very simple, when we were born we were created equal, but with different birthrights. If you go back you will find that somewhere his father, grandfather or someone made the money but at one time none of us were rich. If you just stop and think when you talk to a Commie, he wonít have a leg to stand on.

Weíre free, we have no lord or master. God is the only one we bow to. And Joe and the rest refuse God for the simple reason they canít have any competition. [Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin] For if a man has something to turn to, as he turns to God, then he has faith. If there is faith in God, then communism cannot survive for it defies the Ten Commandments.

Now socialism. Here it is according to Webster (get this): ďA theory that land, industries and goods produced should be owned, managed and distributed by a government representing the people.Ē

Thatís a pip! You work your heart out to make something, to raise a crop, so that you can give it to the government that represents you. Whatís the good of government if it is going to take everything you make? Hereís my idea of it. In socialism youíre born with nothing. If you work real hard all your life, when you die you still havenít got anything. Yes, sir, thatís real bright.

During World War 2 there was a movement in California called technocracy. Hereís what technocracy means: ďA proposed government and control of industrial resources in an economy of abundance for all.Ē But thereís one drawback, youíll wear the same clothes as I would and draw the same pay, no matter if I was a ditch digger and you a skilled laborer. [Technocracy prioritizes a government controlled by those with superior technical expertise]

You hear of the Reds calling us capitalists. Do you know what capitalism means? Well, it means ďa system of economics in which private ownership of resources, is permitted along with the right to transact business for personal profitĒ. Thatís what the Reds canít stand, anyone owning anything or bettering himself.

Our country canít be so bad. Itís come a long way since Concord and Lexington, through blood, sweat and tears. [Historic 1775 battles against the British during the Revolutionary War] Weíve given democracy 175 years to prove itís the best way of life. Do you think that this is enough time? I donít.

Letís give it till eternity to prove that itís the way God, our forefathers, you and me intend for man to live.

F. V. R.

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