Caesar’s Salad Days
Sept. 2, 1952 — The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (letter)

The Mossadegh Project | November 3, 2018                     

Will History Repeat?

Editor, the Post-Gazette:

History, it’s said, repeats itself. Way back yonder in the days when Caesar ruled all, or almost all, of the then known world, history was in the fatal making. This tyrant reduced his nation to a political tyranny of property holders and a landless class of proletarians. [Julius Caesar, Emperor of Rome]

The dry rot of a nation began at this time. Why? Because these landless Romans said, “Let the state fight for us?” So the barbarians vandalized Rome at will.

Now it is the same sad story of too much disintegration, too many war fronts, too much dissension, too much centralized power, too much graft, too much poverty, too much inflation, too much ambition for power.

Will our nation be duly recorded in history as a second Rome? Must we too have a Caesar? Will it happen here?




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