Letter From An Irate Taxpayer
January 24, 1952 — Philadelphia Inquirer (Letter)

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"The Voice of the People", the letters section of the influential and historic Pennsylvania newspaper The Philadelphia Inquirer, allowed readers to be identified with their full names, initials, or even monikers like “Nurse” or “Subscriber”.

In this letter, our friend “For National Honesty” frets over news of recent Point Four technical aid to Iran.


To the Editor of The Inquirer:
A report of the Associated Press of January 21 states that “Premier Mossadegh won a double victory from the West today—$24,000,000 in American aid with virtually no strings attached, and the closure of Britain’s nine consulates and vice-consulates in the country.”

It seems, too, that the United States waived a clause of the Mutual Security Act requiring beneficiaries to contribute actively to Western defense. So we just gave them the money. Easy, isn’t it, this giving away of the people’s money?

And to whom did we give it? Mossadegh is reported to have said on his return home after his Washington visit that if arrangements could not be made to dispose of Iranian oil to Western buyers within a given time, he would feel free to sell to Russia.

“Feel free.” That is a laugh, for when and if he gets ready to do this, and can, he will anyway.

It seems that what we are really doing is aiding and abetting a piece of high-handed national thievery in that Iran has simply confiscated a property valued at billions of dollars which the British developed in good faith and under agreement and treaty with Iran. This the Mossadegh crowd simply ignores.

We have been told that we are working with Britain as a partner in fighting Communism but this seems to be a poor way to help a partner in trouble. Mossadegh’s way is the Communist way of obtaining property by simple confiscation.

Springfield, Pa., January 23

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