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June 24, 1951 — The Binghamton Press (Letter)

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An interesting letter to the editor from the Sunday edition of The Binghamton Press (known as The Sunday Press), on June 24, 1951. The author’s full name was reduced to initials by the newspaper per their formality.

Iran Acid Test For Socialism

Binghamton, N.Y.
June 21, 1951

To the Editor of The Press:

What England is doing in the Iranian oil crisis shows a similarity between socialism and gypsy religion. Gypsies believe it is a sin for him to steal from any other gypsy but that he has a right to steal from anyone who is not a gypsy. As soon as socialists are in power they seize private industry–sometimes all at once, sometimes one industry at a time as they’re doing in England. The last seizure there was the steel industry, although they called it “nationalization.”

Now the Iranians want to do the same thing with that country’s oil industry which is, for the most part, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. and is 53 per cent owned by the British Government.

A proper settlement of the dispute, if socialist morals are to be used as a guide, would be to give Iran that part of the stock of Anglo Iranian that is privately owned. There would be nothing wrong about that.



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