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March 27, 1953 — The Buffalo Courier-Express

The Mossadegh Project | October 10, 2013                   

A short-but-not-sweet editorial in The Buffalo Courier-Express (Buffalo, New York) newspaper from Friday, March 27, 1953.

Fear of Successors Is
Latest Mossadegh Excuse

Now we get Premier Mossadegh’s explanation of his decision to reject proposals to submit claims of British former owners of Iran’s nationalized oil to the International Court of Justice. The explanation seems to hold no more water, or even oil, than some of the aged Prime Minister’s previous utterances on the subject.

Dr. Mossadegh says he’s afraid to let Iran’s case go before the court lest succeeding Iranian governments might fail to defend it and let judgment go by default.

Even if Dr. Mossadegh’s fears be well founded, his attitude raises the question: Would even an adverse default judgment be worse than the loss of $100,000,000 in annual oil revenues already caused by Dr. Mossadegh’s obdurate refusal to compromise or accept any proposed solutions of the Anglo-Iranian oil dispute?

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