Topsy-Turvy World
August 27, 1953 — Detroit Free Press

The Mossadegh Project | August 5, 2021                     

An editorial in The Detroit Free Press newspaper (Detroit, Michigan).

Iran at Crossroads

ONE aspect of the topsy-turvy events in Iran has escaped general notice. An American-trained and equipped Iranian Army was the decisive factor in overthrowing former Premier Mossadegh and his Communist supporters and restoring the Shah to his throne.

The U.S. News & World Report, in an analysis from Tehran, makes a special point of emphasizing this news behind the headlines. This is one time, the magazine contends, that a United States foreign aid program paid off.

Conditions in Iran, however, are anything but stable. While the Army has overcome the terror of Soviet-inspired mobs, normal government has not yet been restored. And that troubled nation is so close to complete bankruptcy and uncontrolled inflation that anything can happen.

Thus the young Shah was forced immediately upon his return to make his worldwide appeal for emergency financial help from anyone — a sign of Iran’s desperate plight.

At this point the most adroit step by the free world would be a British offer of temporary financial aid. Only a revival of Iran’s idle oil wells can restore any political stability there. A British gesture at this hour of need could be an astute move toward an oil settlement and denial of Russian designs.


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