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December 24, 1953 — Detroit Free Press

The Mossadegh Project | July 9, 2021                    

“Mossadegh the Actor” — A Theatrical Leader on the World Stage

A dopey editorial in The Detroit Free Press newspaper (Detroit, Michigan).

Mossadegh’s Acting Ability Is Slighted

MOHAMMED “The Actor” Mossadegh, former premier of Iran, was convicted of treason and sentenced to three years in prison. Many had expected he would get the death penalty or life imprisonment.

So did Mossadegh, judging by the way he acted at his six-week trial. He wept and shouted, defying both prosecution and defense attorneys. Mohammed “The Actor” created quite a show parading around in his pajamas.

The trifling sentence must be an embarrassing blow to his pride in his histrionic abilities. Even Mossadegh must now be convinced that he’s just a bad actor.


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