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September 1, 1953 — The Lansing State Journal

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An editorial in a Lansing, Michigan newspaper on Iranís economic woes.

How About Selling Some Oil?

The shah of oil-rich Iran says his country is in imperative need of financial assistance, not in a matter of months or weeks but ďin a matter of days.Ē [Mohammad Reza Pahlavi]

The Iranian government wonít beg for the money, according to the 34-year-old monarch who also ruled out a loan. A loan, he said, would be an impossible form of assistance at present because the lower house of parliament which would have to approve its terms lacks a quorum.

Iranís financial straits were brought on by the countryís nationalization of the British-owned oil industry two years ago. While the shah may not be able to sell some of his oil in time to meet his governmentís urgent need for funds it looks as though a solution of the oil problem will have to precede a real solution of the financial problem not be long before much more about him than his principles will be defective.

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