Michael Hayden Evades 1953 Coup Question
CIA Director Can't Handle the Truth

Arash Norouzi
The Mossadegh Project
| December 4, 2007       

Michael Hayden, CIA Director CIA Chief Michael V. Hayden, a former Air Force General, spoke at a Council on Foreign Relations seminar in New York city on September 7, 2007. At the close of his talk, the first questioner asked him about the folly of the 1953 coup in Iran that overthrew Mossadegh. As shown below, Hayden completely dodged it. Desiring "refuge" from the question, he cites a well worn phrase used by government officials when evading answering a particular query, punctuated by a bit of sheepish chuckling.

Then Hayden gives a canned answer about the CIA being an extension of the U.S. democratic system, which operates "within a framework of law". Ah, but the CIA's coup in Iran, as well as other foreign coups, assassinations, and meddling around the world, are and were completely illegal under international law. This would make the CIA a criminal enterprise, like the Mafia, and a terrorist organization, like Al Qaeda. No wonder Michael Hayden can't handle this simple question •


Q: I'm Lucy Komisar, I am a journalist. I wonder whether looking back a little bit in history, you think there are any lessons to learn from the fact that the CIA, having overthrown Mossadegh in Iraq, set the stage for the problems that we are facing now... — I'm sorry — in Iran, but of course it extends to Iraq.

MICHAEL HAYDEN: The refuge of all intelligence officers: ‘That sounds like a policy question’ (laughs). All I can tell you, all right, is that the Central Intelligence Agency, within a framework of law, carries out the foreign policy of the United States that is constructed by the people that we elect in both the executive and legislative branch.

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