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April 10, 1953 — The Elmira Star-Gazette

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Here’s a peculiar take on monarchy by the editors of The Elmira Star-Gazette newspaper of Elmira, New York — Friday, April 10, 1953.

The paper was a consolidation, as of July 1, 1907, of The Elmira Evening-Star (1888), The Elmira Gazette (1828), The Elmira Free Press (1878), and The Elmira Evening News (1894).

New Peril in Persia

IN OBSERVING the world scene, Americans usually are not unhappy to see a monarchy succumb—as have so many in the last half-century. We believe it was Will Rogers who remarked, “This king business ain’t what it used to be.”

When a monarch is replaced by a republic, generally we approve. In some cases of gross corruption and ineptitude, as with Farouk in Egypt, we are not unsympathetic toward a dictator who deposes a king.

But where the trend is away from decency and conscientious regard for the people’s welfare—where the monarch has striven for national welfare and is in danger from a demagogue—then the labels become meaningless. A transition away from monarchy at this time in Iran, for example, bodes ill for everyone, particularly the Persian people.

Premier Mossadegh, as of now, has contrived by terroristic tactics to subdue all opposition save that of Shah Riza Pahlevi. [sic—Mohammad Reza Pahlavi] And his current goal is to reduce the shah to a figurehead.

Should he succeed, the future of that chaotic, unhappy land will become increasingly doubtful.

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