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May 28, 1952 — United Press [UP]

The Mossadegh Project | June 28, 2014      

This brief wire article, the only such reference we’ve found, probably referred to the newly formed SUMKA (aka Iran National-Socialist Workers) party.

Iran Nazis at Airport To See Mossadegh Off

TEHRAN, Iran (UP) — Black-shirted members of a newly formed Iranian Nazi organization saw Premier Mohammed Mossadegh off for The Hague today to plead Iran’s case in the international court hearing of the Anglo-Iranian oil dispute. The Nazis, wearing swastika armbands, stood in the crowd which said good-bye to Mossadegh at the Tehran airport.

It was the first time the Iranian Nazis have appeared in public. Mossadegh slept in his plane last night as a precautionary measure. Police feared attempts might be made to assassinate him. Just before the plane’s take-off, Mossadegh appeared in the aircraft’s door and waved to the crowds.

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