Hungarians, Russians to Protest Raids
August 14, 1952 — United Press [UPI]

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United Press article on Iran.


UPI - August 14, 1952 Tehran — (UP) — Russian and Hungarian officials were expected to protest to the Iranian government today the raids by a band of men dressed in Nazi uniforms on the Soviet and Hungarian Embassies’ reading rooms in Tehran.

The band of 21 men, wearing swastika armbands, rolled up in trucks before the Soviet reading room near the Russian Embassy last night. They broke into the reading room, smashing doors, windows and statues of Lenin and Stalin. They tore pictures of the Soviet leaders from the walls and ripped up Red flags and Communist literature.

The band rushed back to their trucks and drove a few blocks to the Hungarian Embassy reading room, where they again smashed furniture and fixtures and destroyed Red literature.

The Iranian Communist (Tudeh) Party heard of the raids and rushed strong-arm squads to the two reading rooms.

The Communists were too late to catch the raiders, but placed guards around the buildings. Police are investigating the incidents.

Alternate headlines:

Reds To Protest Iran ‘Nazi’ Raid
Iran Probes Swastikas
Protest May Come Over Raids In Iran
Persian Nazis Raid Red Rooms
Nazi Clad Raiders Vandalize Tehran Red Embassies

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