Shock To the Heart
August 19, 1953 — United Press [UPI]

The Mossadegh Project | August 5, 2012      

Initial reports on the day of the August 19, 1953 coup in Iran stated that Foreign Minister Hossein Fatemi died violently at the hand of angry mobs. This news was actually a deliberate rumor — nothing more than psychological warfare. Fatemi was, in fact, still alive . . . for the time being.

Fatemi’s Brother Suffers Attack

UPI — August 19, 1953 TEANECK, N.J., Aug. 19 (UP) The brother of Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Fatemi suffered a heart attack today shortly after hearing reports that his brother was “cut to pieces” in the army’s overthrow of Premier Mossadegh’s government.

Nasrollah Saifpour Fatemi was taken in an ambulance today to Holy [Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, New Jersey] minutes before he told the United Press he was “so shocked I don’t know what to think”.

In a halting voice, Nasrollah, a former member of the Iranian Parliament, said he would await futher reports “with hopes in my heart” that his brother might still be alive.

Nasrollah is currently adviser to his country’s delegation to the United Nations. He is also a lecturer in the department of oriental languages and literature at Princeton University.

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