Taking the Fall
November 29, 1953 — United Press [UPI]

The Mossadegh Project | September 16, 2014    

A report from wire news agency United Press International on the treason trial of Dr. Mossadegh. Alternate headlines include:

Mossadegh Admits Anti-Shah Wires

Mossadegh Admits He Sent
Anti-Shah Notes To Army

Tehran, Nov. 29 (UP)—Former Premier Mohammed Mossadegh admitted at his treason trial tonight he had sent anti-Shah telegrams to his army commanders but said he was doing so only to keep his fellow defendant, Brig. Taghi Riahi, out of trouble.

Mossadegh, who had threatened to go on a hunger strike in protest against his trial, went without supper last night but a guard said he asked for breakfast this morning and devoured it avidly. Then he ate a hearty lunch.

The court asked Mossadegh tonight why he had ordered the arrest of Maj. Gen. Fazollah Zahedi, [sic—Fazlollah Zahedi] the present premier, when the Shah had named him as successor to Mossadegh.

“Because he sided himself against the Government and interfered in policy matters,” Mossadegh replied. “I was the legal premier then and even now I have no doubt I am still the legal premier.”

“Why didn't you prevent demands in the leftist press for a democratic republic and a change in regime?” the court asked.

“I had no time to read the papers,” Mossadegh answered.

“Why did you order Brigadier Riahi to send cables to army commanders against the Shah?”

“I didn’t,” Mossadegh said. “I don’t know what cables Riahi sent.”

The judge asked Riahi to confirm this and the co-defendant replied, “Mossadegh instructed me and I merely carried out his orders.”

“All right,” Mossadegh grumbled. “I’ll agree with Riahi so you won’t get him into trouble.”

The Shah quit the country without letting us know and thus created turmoil through the country,” Mossadegh said. “Really, I think the Shah should be magnanimous and not allow people like me to be tried here.”

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