Contempt of Facts
November 12, 1953 — The Times Record

The Mossadegh Project | October 31, 2015                                                

Witness the sheer ignorant drivel The Times Record newspaper of Troy, New York whipped up in their Thursday evening editorial on ex-Premier Mossadegh’s courtroom behavior.


Mahammed Mossadegh [sic—Mohammad Mossadegh] screams denunciations on everybody who is controlling him. He thinks he was divinely appointed to destroy the monarchy, to become a dictator and to play ball with Russia. He says the present court is illegal; and he adds he won’t appear, won’t testify, won’t accept punishment of any kind. And in pursuance of this plan he talks, yells and faints for six hours, giving no one a chance to put in a word.

In any enlightened country he would be sent to prison for contempt of court until he learned how to behave. But in Iran he has the stage to himself and he is a consummate actor. Whether his gymnastics will save him is still a question. But he is making a travesty of justice in Persian courts anyway; and presumably he knows his public well enough to be sure they like it.

Note: The actual printed title was “Mossedegh Screams”, obviously a typo, along with the misspelling of his first name.


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