Break Fast in Bed

May 5, 1954 — The Oregonian

The Mossadegh Project | November 4, 2014                   

Historic Portland, Oregon newspaper The Oregonian commented on ex-Premier Mohammad Mossadegh’s courtroom trial in an editorial dating from around May 5, 1954.

Mossy Chickens Out

Since we have harbored a sneaking fondness for old Mohammed Mossadegh throughout his histrionic career as Persian nationalist leader, we are happy to note that he has given up his announced intention to starve himself to death. The imprisoned ex-premier of Iran consumed a vast dinner of chicken, rice and vegetables—after the public prosecutor had revealed in court that Mossy had been nibbling secretly, anyway, at cookies, chocolates and vitamin pills.

M. Mossadegh is appealing his three-year sentence in solitary for revolt against the shah. But he not only wants to get out of prison, he wants to return to political power. He has a big following still, and the government which dared not sentence him to death wants above all to prevent his dying in prison. The public hysteria which would result surely would interrupt Iran’s negotiations with Britain and a group of oil companies to get Iranian oil back into world markets. It might even endanger the shah’s rule and send him packing again.

But wily, weeping Mossadegh is not ready to write himself off in the cause of Iranian nationalism quite yet. No doubt he expects the shah to release him when the oil deal has been consummated. One of Mossy’s reasons for threatening to destroy himself was that the Tehran newspapers had refused to print, in full, the 600 pages of his appeal. We get the same kind of demands from politicians, now and then—but none has starved himself to death because our news judgment is otherwise.


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