Christian Prophecy in the Cold War

The Voice of Healing — November 1952

Arash Norouzi

The Mossadegh Project | September 4, 2014                    

Chaplain Howard Rusthoi: "PROPHECY MARCHES ON!"

In April 1948, a little eight-page evangelical publication was founded in Shreveport, Louisiana. By 1952, now relocated to its expanded Dallas, Texas headquarters, The Voice of Healing claimed an international circulation of a half a million people.

The following piece was part of the monthly column "Prophecy Marches On!" by Chaplain Howard Rusthoi, a Los Angeles based Pentecostal preacher and religious radio broadcaster who had served as chaplain overseas for the U.S. military during World War II. Rusthoi foresaw that Russia would soon invade Israel, beginning by crossing Iran into the Holy Land. Wrong or right, prophecy marches on!


The Voice of Healing magazine — October 1952 The importance of what is taking place in Iran makes it almost imperative that we refer to it each month. Russia has looked enviously through the Iran window into the Middle and Near East. Iran is the fourth largest producer of oil in the world — or was until weeping Premier Mohammed Mossadegh kicked the British out. The greatest present and future potential oil lands of the world are in the Arab countries beyond Iran.

Iran bars the Soviet path to the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, sea outlets which give access to India and the other lands of the Pacific. Iran, too, is a backdoor to Turkey, guarding the coveted Dardanelles, through which Russia cannot now freely sweep into the Mediterranean.

All of this is brought to mind forcefully as Mossadegh, now given dictatorial powers, works with Red-cooperating Mullah Ayatulla Kashani, [Ayatollah Kashani] leader of a fanatical religious group, in organizing riots. One was arranged to oust Ahmed Quavam, [Ahmad Ghavam] who at the end of World War II in 1945, stood firm in ousting Russian troops from the country.

Iran’s treasury, deprived of the direct and indirect revenue from Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, is running into the red at 10 million dollars a month, and Iran’s mobs and parliament are crying “out with Americans as advisors.” According to a report from Washington, D.C., observers say the door is opening wider and wider for Communism in Iran, with wide inviting vistas beyond.

The importance of this development in Iran is again pointed out as making possible the Russian attack upon Israel, as foretold in the 38th chapter of Ezekiel, very near at hand.

Divvying Up the Loot: The Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 1954
Divvying Up the Loot: The Iran Oil Consortium Agreement of 1954


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