Army Chaplain Howard Rusthoi on Iran

The Voice of Healing — October 1952

Arash Norouzi

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Chaplain Howard Rusthoi: "PROPHECY MARCHES ON!"

In April 1948, a little eight-page evangelical publication was founded in Shreveport, Louisiana. By 1952, now relocated to its expanded Dallas, Texas headquarters, The Voice of Healing claimed an international circulation of a half a million people.

The following piece was part of the monthly column "Prophecy Marches On!" by Chaplain Howard Rusthoi, a Los Angeles based Pentecostal preacher and religious radio broadcaster who had served as chaplain overseas for the U.S. military during World War II. Rusthoi foresaw that Russia would soon invade Israel, beginning by crossing Iran into the Holy Land. Wrong or right, prophecy marches on!

Trouble in the Middle East

The Voice of Healing magazine — October 1952 The recent resignation of Iranian Premier Mossadegh was short-lived. Mobs were incited and the old premier came back, gaining dictatorial powers. His support comes chiefly from the Communist Tudeh Party. Today Iran is clearly anti-West. Communists, joining forces with Moslem fanatics, see their chances improving in Teheran.

It is even possible before this goes to press there may be a take-over of Iran by Communists from within. The same old familiar pattern is being followed. The country is facing bankruptcy, and an aging, ailing premier is assuming dictatorial powers and the mobs in the streets are demanding ousting of Americans. Since Mossadegh took up with the commies, they have him and he can’t shed them. They will no doubt continue to incite further demonstrations against Americans in Iran and against our aid in any form. If the Americans are forced out of the country like the British were, then Russia will have the way clear to march in with troops. In the new gains being made by the Communists, Stalin is much closer to moving in than ever before.

Latest reports indicate that Communist agents, who now swarm all over Iran, are rapidly bringing about a situation where the Shah will have to abdicate, and Iran will fall into Red hands like a ripe plum. When that time comes, Communist influence is bound to march down through neighboring oil-rich Iraq, and then into the Holy Land.

As was pointed out in the August issue of this column a study of the 38th Chapter of Ezekiel indicates clearly that there will be an invasion of Israel by the Russians at the close of this dispensation. Such an attack upon the Holy Land must begin with Russian troops crossing the border into Iran, then on across Iraq and into Israel. The present situation in Iran indicates how near we must be now to the fulfillment of this prophecy.

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