Guns vs. Hopes
June 20, 1952 — The Spokesman-Review (Letter)

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This letter to the editor of a Spokane, Washington newspaper derives from the era of Truman and McCarthy, but of course, it still applies.

The Douglas quotes, pulled from a five-minute radio series called "This I Believe" presented by Edward R. Murrow, are highlighted.

To hear the original radio essay, My Father’s Evening Star, from which they derive, click the player below.

Agree With Justice Douglas

Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas United States Supreme court Justice William O. Douglas on March 17 said that everything is not lily white with the United States government itself in its relationship with other nations.

“These days I see graft and corruption reach high into the government. These days I see people afraid to speak their minds because someone will think they are unorthodox and therefore disloyal.

These days I see America identified more and more with material things, less and less with spiritual standards. These days I see America drifting from the Christian faith, acting abroad as an arrogant, selfish, greedy nation—interested only in guns and dollars—not in people and their hopes and aspirations.”

It is good that a United States supreme court Justice said them. Surely he cannot be a pink.

206 W. Eighth, Vancouver, Wash.

The Vietnam War | IRAN | What Lessons Did America Learn? by Arash Norouzi
The Vietnam War | IRAN | What Lessons Did America Learn?


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