U.S. Elections: the Rot Within

November 2, 1951 — The Pittsburgh Press (Letters)

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The following letters to The Pittsburgh Press, all published on the same day, spoke to the state of health of American democracy at the time.

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Candidates Tied To Henchmen

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

Now that we are only a few days away from the election and are hearing of all the corruption and dishonesty that prevail in our governments, one wonders whom to vote for.

Some candidates for public offices have conducted a very heated campaign, denying such accusations that were thrown at them by their opponents and promising to do everything in their power to clean up the rackets.

But from long experience we, the older voters, know that some of these promises are nothing but campaign oratory and are seldom seriously meant to be carried out.

Be the candidates Democratic or Republican, they must largely depend upon their henchmen for support and votes. And, if elected, they must pay their debt to them by giving them all the best jobs, including those connected with law and order.

This system ties the elected official’s hands to the whims of his henchmen. Even if he were sincere in his intentions, he cannot easily carry them out if they run contrary the wishes of those on whom he is dependent for holding his office.

Let us hope that the voters will choose wisely next Tuesday.


McKee Pl.

Sees State Going Democratic

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

How do the Republicans expect to win Pennsylvania in 1952 when the figures show more and more registered Republicans vote Democratic in state and national election years?

Why do these Republicans in growing numbers vote Democratic?

First, the candidates picked by GOP bosses are usually sour-balls to the working people, who do not trust them.

Second, the growing number of dirty deals handed to lifelong Republican Party workers by the heads of the departments of the State government in Harrisburg.

Reason number two doesn’t in the least seem to interest M. Harvey Taylor, State Republican Chairman, nor Gov. John S. Fine. And as long as Mr. Taylor and Mr. Fine don’t give a hoot, the Republicans who get the works from the Republicans will vote and work for the Democrats.


Lock Haven

Honest Men Preferred

Editor, The Pittsburgh Press:

Election day is coming and we should denounce the Democratic and Republican culprits that have disgraced our country by protecting graft and rackets.

Don’t you think we Americans should get our country on a real honest to goodness basis by electing honest men?


Winterburn St.


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