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September 11, 1953 — The Lethbridge Herald

The Mossadegh Project | July 21, 2015                     

An anti-Mossadegh newspaper in Alberta, Canada comments on the aftermath of the 1953 coup — Friday, September 11, 1953.

What of Iran?

While people were relieved when Premier Mossadegh was ousted from the head of the Iranian Government because it appeared that he was heading Iran into Russia’s arms, there is a good deal of speculation as to where Premier Zahedi may lead the nation. Some say Zahedi [Gen. Fazlollah Zahedi] is anti-British, that he consorted with Hitler during the war, and that the situation so far as the Western democracies are concerned is no better today than when Mossadegh was in the saddle.

This is not the view of a leading Canadian foreign affairs observer, Willson Woodside, in his comments in Toronto Saturday Night. Mr. Woodside says that “the Shah is no Farouk”, meaning that he is no playboy. [King Farouk of Egypt] His coup in ousting Mossadegh and regaining his palace has enhanced his popularity with the Iranian people except the Tudehs (Communists), and he is believed to be favorable to a settlement of the Iranian oil problem with Great Britain. But Zahedi is said to be anti-British, though he also fought against the Soviets in certain post-war unpleasantness connected with the Abadan oil refinery.

It now seems fairly certain that some formula will be found for the reopening of the Anglo-Iranian oil operations, perhaps with U.S. as a third member of the controlling organization. Iran desperately needs the revenues from oil to restore the standard of living of the people, and the Shah will probably insist on an oil settlement.

In any event the Mossadegh ouster was a rebuff for Moscow which, coming on top of the East German riots and the uneasy truce in Korea has not lessened the problems of the Kremlin.

ORIGINAL SIN: The 1953 Coup in Iran Clarified | by Arash Norouzi
ORIGINAL SIN: The 1953 Coup in Iran Clarified | by Arash Norouzi


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