A Kiss For Zahedi

September 8, 1953 — The Brooklyn Eagle

Arash Norouzi

The Mossadegh Project | June 12, 2015                   

The Brooklyn Eagle was a well known newspaper, even mentioned in the Hollywood movie A Kiss For Corliss (1949) starring Shirley Temple and David Niven.

This was their editorial on Tuesday, September 8, 1953, shortly after the military coup which replaced Premier Mossadegh with the new U.S. sweetheart, Gen. Zahedi.

For both the paper and the Eisenhower administration, Zahedi’s most appealing feature was that he wasn’t Mossadegh •

Easing Iran’s Chaos

Iran has not been compelled to wait long for the financial sustenance necessary to carry the new regime of Premier Fazlollah Zahedi at least a short distance along the road to survival. President Eisenhower’s grant of $45,000,000 will ease the urgent needs of the government and reduce some what the prevailing desperation and chaos.

President Eisenhower’s grant follows conversations conducted during the last few days by Premier Zahedi and U.S. Ambassador Loy W. Henderson. It may be assumed that there has been an understanding that the new government will be more conciliatory toward Britain in working out a solution of the problem of oil.

If he can come up with a formula for resumed production and foreign sale of Iranian oil without, at the same time, becoming vulnerable to the charge of betraying the nationalist cause, Zahedi will meet successfully his first and most difficult test of leadership.

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