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August 25, 1953 — The Leader-Republican

The Mossadegh Project | April 15, 2015                           

Another post-coup editorial in The Leader-Republican newspaper of Gloversville and Johnstown, New York.

The Shah Needs Money

In common with the other Free Nations, the United States was pleased when the Shah of Iran sailed into Tehran, beat the old government’s guards and chased Mossadegh, the Weeper, into seclusion, then prison. But it appears that all and sundry interested in beating Communism will glean something besides pleasure from the coup.

And as usual, the United States probably will be on the short end. The Shah and his country have financial troubles; willed to them by the Weeping Willow of Iran when he took the oil rights away from Britain and demoralized the whole industry and wrecked the finances of his country. “We are broke,” the Shah says, and he makes a bid for any nation to help. He even means Russia and Russia can be depended upon to turn an attentive ear.

So, it looks again as though Uncle Samuel, who has shouldered the troubles of the world, will be compelled to dig down again. It would be disastrous to let Russia provide the money the Shah needs and the Allies, outside of the U.S.A., have no money. It doesn’t require much imagination to determine what will be coming up soon, but it will take considerable figuring for the U.S. to find the money.


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