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August 21, 1953 — The Leader-Republican

The Mossadegh Project | October 8, 2012                           

A post 1953 coup editorial in The Leader-Republican newspaper serving Gloversville and Johnstown, New York.

What Does It Mean?

Just what the overthrow of Premier Mossadegh of Iran may mean in the complicated world situation is not clear to average people, or even to experts who are close to the situation. It does not seem, however, it could be anything but good for the Free Nations of the world.

Mossadegh, the weeping willow of the Far East, had leaned toward Russia and Communism; [away, not toward] had tossed the British out of Iran’s oilfields and wrecked his nation’s oil business and had time and again spoken out of turn in world affairs contrary to the views of the United States. [meaningless innuendo] The man who has already replaced him as premier [Fazlollah Zahedi] is against Communism, and so is the Shah who fled to Rome, but now is back home. [And so was Mossadegh]

It may take time to determine just what the upheaval in Iran means, but as of the moment, it can well be imagined Malenkov of Russia is not pleased. [Soviet Premier Georgy Malenkov] Certain it is, the Free Nations pick up a little encouragement. They also have cause to worry because there might be still another revolution and the “Old Weeper” could get back his power.

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