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         London Mayor Ken Livingstone on Iran

Ken Livingstone 

Mayor Ken Livingstone The outspoken leftist mayor of London, England, Mr. Ken Livingstone, dropped the following comment in a November 2005 interview with a British-Jewish web site:

When the CIA overthrew Mossadegh’s government in '53 because he was going to nationalize the oil, if the West had not involved itself, the Mossadegh government might have evolved into some genuinely secular Iranian regime. We propped up the Shah, and the Shah was overturned, and something infinitely worse [came about]. 

Even statements like these are misinformed, if not patronizing. The remark implies that Dr. Mossadegh's government was Islamic in nature, and that it had it had the opportunity to "evolve", it could have become something more satisfactory to the Western hemisphere. In reality, it was already completely secular, and had Mossadegh not been removed, there is no reason to believe that the dreaded Islamic Revolution would have ever occurred. From Khomenei onwards, the Islamic regime has generally despised Mossadegh for the unforgivable sin of being too secular.

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