Damn Yankees
November 20, 1978 — Florida Flambeau (Letter)

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“...if they tell me that the shah of Iran is good for the United States, then I support the shah 100 percent”

A few days after a major anti-Shah demonstration on campus in which four people were arrested, this lowbrow letter was published in the Florida State University newspaper. Actually, it was but one of eight letters commenting on the Iranian situation at FSU...

Florida Flambeau
Monday, November 20, 1978

Iranians and their supporters
are enemies of America


This letter concerns the action of Wednesday, Nov. 16 taken by the alien Iranians and their American communist supporters. For one thing, in 1775, when the King of England sent troops to raise hell over here we took care of it ourselves, we didn’t protest in Iran.

And in my opinion, I believe the president of the United States [Jimmy Carter] and the CIA are looking out for the best interests of the United States and not some other kind of wierd [sic—weird] place, and if they tell me that the shah of Iran is good for the United States, then I support the shah 100 percent. Not supporting the shah is supporting our enemies, and I took an oath to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The Iranian demonstrators are foreign enemies on domestic ground, and the anti-American communist Americans are domestic enemies on domestic ground; therefore the Iranians and their American communist supporters are my enemy.

Also, all those people shot in Iran deserve it because if they are dumb enough to come out in the streets when people are waiting to shoot them, then they deserve to get shot. With all those hundreds of thousands of people that always get killed in Iran, it is a wonder anybody is left in such a small country. Do they import dissidents from other countries for target practice?

If these Iranians want to come over here for our educational benefits, fine, as long as they go back. But when they start raising hell, cutting down our way of life, our government and our dignitaries, this is when we ought to cancel their visas unconditionally. And for the honor student who said “America has something new — they lock you up and charge you money to get out,” let me tell you something. I got locked up in this country more times than you awaken in it and that’s the way it has always been. It’s called bail and has been in our Constitution since before you or I were born. If you are too much of a pussy to take your punishment when you do something against the norms of this country, you ought to crawl up in a shell and die, but don’t do it around here; I don’t want to smell you.

And for the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade, or whatever new subversion you call yourselves and all the anti-American maggots that support you, nobody is keeping you in this country. Go to Russia, China or any other wierd [sic] place you desire. Get out of my country; you don’t deserve my privileges; you don’t deserve to breathe my air.

In 1963, a man called Nikita Kruscshev [sic—Kruschev] took off his shoe while addressing the general assembly in the United Nations Building in New York City and said “We will bury you.” When asked to specify, he said, “The capitalists will bury themselves amongst themselves.”

We the people of the United States of America are doing it by allowing the bullshit to go on, instead of exterminating it at the source. We have to have World War III sooner or later, I’d rather have it now and and get it over with.

Name Withheld

The Shah / U.S. "Human Rights" Paradox Decoded by Satirist Henry Gay (1977)
The Shah / U.S. “Human Rights” Paradox Decoded Through Satire (1977)

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