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January 31, 1978 — The Daily Iowan

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“Iowa City’s Morning Newspaper”, The Daily Iowan, produced by the University of Iowa, published this anti-Shah letter in 1978.

Tuesday, January 31, 1978

ISA protests puppet leaders

To the Editor:

Once again, and for the third time in one year, Farah Pahlavi, the now famous wife of the notorious dictator, the Shah of Iran, visited the United States on Jan. 12.

The occasion this time was a dinner party given in her “honor” by the Asia Society at the Hilton at New York’s Rockefeller Center. But why did she visit the United States for the third time and who organized this dinner party in her “honor”?

A quick glance at the partial list of members of the “Dinner Committee” (the organizing body for this particular dinner party) will tell the whole story. The chairman of the dinner committee was none other than the chairman of the Mobile Oil Co. — the members are Henry Ford II of the Ford Motor Co., Murphy of General Motors, the infamous David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank, Garvin of Exxon and so on. The partial list of endorsers included corporations such as Grumman, Lockheed, Occidental Oil Co., etc... and rightly so; after all it is through the Shah’s regime that these imperialists exploit our people and rip super profits off their back-breaking work. After all, it is through their loyal puppet, the Shah, and his dictatorial rule that these imperialists have dominated Iran for decades, turning it into a haven for their profits and a police state for the Iranian people.

Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi, Queen of Iran (Persia) Farah Pahlavi plays the role of the public relations agent for the Shah’s regime. She is supposed to give the dictatorial rule of the Shah a “humanitarian” image, and she has been working very hard at it. She visited the United States in July 1977, receiving all kinds of bought-off “honorary degrees” to pave the way in public opinion for the visit of the Shah, the well known dictator, with Carter, “Mr. Human Rights.” But thanks to the struggle waged by the Iranian students and their supporters, her attempt clearly flopped and the whole thing turned into a big embarrassment for the Shah’s regime. Thousands of angry protestors followed her everywhere she went, exposing the true nature of the regime of the Shah and the human rights gimmick of Carter.

On her second visit to the United States, when she accompanied her notorious husband, again all the hopes of the Shah and his boss Carter to whitewash the repressive rule of the Shah went in vain, again thanks to the struggle waged by the Iranian students and their supporters. The so-called “pro-Shah crowd” that was rented by the Savak (Shah’s secret police) disappeared in a few moments and the news of the fight put up by the Iranian students in Washington on Nov. 15 spread like prairie fire all over the world. This was a heavy blow to the Shah’s repressive rule and the human rights image of his boss, Carter. So this time Farah Pahlavi was at it again, trying very hard to cover up what happened on the last two occasions — she and the Asia Society were assured that we in the Iranian Students Association will raise the mutilated voices of our people and their aspirations for an independent and democratic Iran, for we exposed the true nature of this visit to the world public.

On such an occasion, in solidarity with the growing struggle of our people and in protest to the U.S. visit of Farah Pahlavi, the ISA staged mass protests activities all over the United States, in particular in New York, San Francisco, Houston, St. Louis, and Rochester, Minn. We thank all freedom-loving and democratic-minded people who joined us in exposing the fascist rule of the Shah and in protest to Farah Pahlavi’s U.S. visit.

Iranian Students Association
P.O. Box 48
Iowa City

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