War on Democracy
May 3, 1953 — The Spokesman-Review (Letter)

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Letter to the editor of a Spokane, Washington newspaper on U.S. democracy.

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Says Democracy Goes A-Begging

Only a few of your readers will pursue lines discussing democracy. If you wish to insult the public mind, salute them with “Yours for democracy.” It takes Democrats to make democracy and Democrats are as scarce as hens’ teeth.

The Republicans make no pretense at being democrats and the “party line” of the Democrats in Washington finds no phrase to express it. Too smug, respectable, too nice to be commoners, too poor, plain, commonplace to be aristocrats. Former Chairman Henson of the Democratic state central committee declared, “We are Democrats with a capital D.” Only one person publicly challenged his statement.

Not only are we not a democracy, but we wage eternal cold war on democracy. We give the communist the dignity of a trial, but democrats are condemned without trial. “Democracy” (in the words of the man who gave us our form of government) is the “love of equality.” The bum down in the jungles by the railroad track will ask, “Who wants equality?”

Democracy is one natural resource that never has been exploited in America. We have an inexhaustible supply with little or no demand.
N5700 Havana.

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