Letter to David Rockefeller

Exiled Shah to Chase Manhattan Bank CEO (1979)

The Mossadegh Project | December 31, 2019                   


Newly released documents reveal how the head of Chase Manhattan Bank had arranged to have the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and his family relocated to the United States. This handwritten letter of reply from the Shah is one of them.

Undated (Nov.-Dec. 1979)

Dear Mr. Rockefeller

Your letter full of sympathy friendship and understanding gave me great comfort in these terrible days that we go through in Iran assisting helpless in the self destruction of our country. Thank you so much for all the signs of friendship you show to us in the real spirit of feelings that existed and exist between our two families. Mr. Joseph Reed has been most efficient and helpful in our coverage of all the subjects. We have set priorities that he has certainly reported to you.

Please transmit to your wife and Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller the Empress and my warm sentiments of friendship. Hoping we shall be meeting soon. I send you my sincerest good wishes.

M.R. Pahlavi

• Source: Joseph Verner Reed (1937-2016) papers, Yale University

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