The Kashani Challenge

February 5, 1954 — The Buffalo Courier-Express

The Mossadegh Project | November 12, 2014                 

This editorial from The Buffalo Courier-Express (Buffalo, New York) pondered the coming political developments in Iran.

Iranian Regime Faces New Threat;
Voters Can Decide

A new challenge to the Iranian Government is underway, a threat which could restore chaotic conditions to that troubled land.

The challenge is hurled by Ayatolluh Kashani, [Ayatollah Seyed Abolghassem Kashani] leader of the fanatical Moslem Brotherhood, [wrong, the Brotherhood is Egyptian] who is out to overthrow the Government of Premier Fazollah Zahedi, [sic—Fazlollah Zahedi] a regime which represents a vast improvement over the preceding administration of Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh. Dr. Mossadegh reduced Iran to virtual bankruptcy by nationalizing the oil industry, the country’s chief resource, and thus stopping the flow of revenue from the ousted British operation. Premier Zahedi has been making encouraging progress in the task of getting Iran back on its financial feet through settlement of the oil dispute with the British. Extreme Nationalists like Kashani would rather see the country go broke then reach any agreement with Britain.

The Kashani challenge, however, may come at a most opportune time. In elections held in stages across Iran, the voters are choosing the 136 members of the Majlis, or lower House of Parliament, and the 60 members of the Senate. The election results will determine in large measure whether or not the Zahedi regime has succeeded in convincing the people that its policies are in the national interest. Inasmuch as Kashani has nothing constructive to offer, the popular verdict can have a steadying effect, or it can pave the way for another period of disastrous unrest. It will be interesting to see whether not a lesson has been learned.


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