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November 8, 1954 — The Philadelphia Inquirer

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With a satisfied sigh of relief, The Philadelphia Inquirer, which had long sweated over the threat of a Soviet takeover of Iran, heralded the end of the Anglo-Iranian oil crisis in a Monday morning editorial.

Iran Oil Consortium | Archive of Documents (1953-1954)

Oil Peace in Iran

After 40 months of what was at times a dangerously tense situation the first cargo of Iranian oil to move freely into World markets left Abadan Oct. 31 in a British tanker, to bring to an end the “Mossadegh era.”

During the next few days nine or ten tankers departed with a total of 135,000 tons of oil.

Mossadegh’s fanatical policies, including seizure of the vast Anglo-Iranian oil concessions, brought his country to the verge of bankruptcy and revolution until the Shah’s counter-revolution against the overweening Premier ended Mossadegh’s ultra-nationalistic career and landed him in a prison cell.

Resumption of oil refining is made possible through an agreement with the Shah under which Anglo-Iranian, a Dutch, a French and, five American oil companies will operate the Iranian oil industry. Iran is to get a half-share of the profits, estimated to aggregate $420,000,000 in the next three years.

During the Mossadegh regime the oil-rich country was subjected to serious economic stresses. The oil stalemate and Mossadegh’s type of politics kept alive the serious danger of Russian interference or a Moscow-inspired Red grab for the government.

Those tankers casting off at Abadan signalized not only the passing of Mossadegh. They meant that one of the most serious trouble spots in the Near East had settled down peacefully to develop its resources—and on this side of the Iron Curtain.

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