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Great Persians: Mohammad Mossadegh
Watch the 2012 Documentary Video by BBC Persian

The Mossadegh Project | March 29, 2012       

بزرگان ایران‌زمین؛ محمد مصدق BBC Persian has produced documentaries on each of the figures designated by a panel of experts as the six most important Iranians in history.

This farsi language video examines the significance of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, the former Prime Minister, and features interviews with the likes of Massoud Behnoud, Sam Falle, Ali Ansari, Ervand Abrahamian, Haleh Afshar, Stephen Kinzer and Abdol Majid Bayat, a grandson of Mossadegh.

بزرگان ایران‌زمین؛ محمد مصدق

BBC Persian program, 24 minutes
March 23, 2012

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