Failure to Communicate
October 7, 1951 — The Victoria Advocate

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U.S. President Harry S. Truman (1884-1972)

After a series of apparent misunderstandings, a newspaper in Victoria, Texas proposed this solution to Pres. Truman’s press communications problems.

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It Might Help

It’s happened before, and it probably will happen again, unless measures are taken to answer the problem. President Truman made a statement at his press conference about force been the only thing the Russians understand. Later on a White House official had to explain that Mr. Truman didn’t mean to suggest there was no point in ever sitting down at the council table with the Reds.

One way this recurring dilemma might be conquered: each time Mr. Truman holds a news conference, move the reporters into an adjoining room immediately at its conclusion and have White House press attaches explain what he really meant to say.

With that safeguard the department of corrections would get in its useful work before the erroneous stuff ever hit the presses. And a lot of embarrassment would be saved on all sides.


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