Amini in the Middle
July 28, 1961 — The Utica Observer-Dispatch

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Ali Amini (1905-1992), Prime Minister of Iran

This editorial in a Utica, New York newspaper was accompanied by a pair of photos captioned “Mossadegh, left, and Ali Amini, present premier, struggle in Iran.” They went on to write that Mossadegh, then living under arrest in Ahmadabad, had “tried to oust” Amini. Though there is nothing to support this claim, they are probably referring to Jebhe Melli (Iran National Front) demonstrations against his government.

Iran Survives Via Hard Way

Dr. Ali Amini, Iran’s premier since last May, is truly a man in the middle. Neither extreme left nor traditional right likes his policies. The former thinks he’s too pro-Western and the latter oppose his efforts to break up old feudal estate.

This can mean Ali Amini is successful in avoiding pitfalls on either side of the political road. Recently, one of his chief opponents, Mohammed Mossadegh, that old master weeper and employer of street mobs, tried to oust the premier with loud demonstrations. [???] But Ali Amini turned out a military guard that discouraged the street rioting and shouting.

Iran was in serious financial straits, and the premier has forced an austerity program on the country to strengthen its reserves. The United States sale of radio and TV sets and automobiles will be hurt, but survival of Iran means just that much less burden on our foreign aid program.

The nation has a giant oil income, and there is no reason why a government intent upon helping all the people, not just a few, can’t keep internal peace by redistributing land and providing more means of education.

Iran has a 1,200-mile border with Russia. Whether Iran becomes a bastion of the Reds or remains as one more barrier to Communist expansion is important to us as well as to Iranians.


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