Student Killed In Tehran Riots

November 12, 1953 — United Press (UP)

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Highlights of the Mossadeq Trial | CIA Memo (Nov. 1953)

Trial Of Mossadegh Brings Riots; 1 Dead

TEHRAN, Iran, Nov. 12 (UP) — One student was reported killed and another wounded today as troops and police used gunfire to put down Communist-inspired attempts to carry the treason trial of ousted Premier Mohammed Mossadegh to mobs in Tehran’s streets.

Reports reached the capital that angry Iranians had cut off the ears of Red, pro-Mossadegh agitators who staged another demonstration in Tabriz. The gunfire in Tehran came soon after the five-man military court hearing Mossadegh’s trial opened the fifth day of its uproarious hearing.

Police said pro-Communist (Tudeh Party) students of Tehran university swarmed into the streets demanding Mossadegh’s release in response to pamphlets distributed Wednesday night demanding that the aged former premier be freed.

Students and professors of the university later issued a statement disclaiming responsibility for the distribution of the inflammatory pamphlets. Troops with Bren guns [light machine guns] and tanks were ordered into Tehran’s streets Wednesday night as a precaution against disorders.

Police said the shots were fired when Tudeh (Communist) party students of Tehran university attempted to organize a street parade. The student who was reported killed was said to have been shot in the stomach. The wounded student was struck in the leg by a rifle bullet. The government took vigorous measures to prevent rioting mobs from attempting to carry the trial of the aged premier to the streets.

Until today the city had been tense but quiet as Mossadegh threw the five-man military court into repeated disorder with his tears, fainting spells, shouted arguments that the court is incompetent to hear him and angry denunciations of his own court-appointed defense attorney.

Today’s gunfire exploded near the Tehran university when students attempted to form a pro-Mossadegh parade and lead it through the streets where only three months ago the people revolted against Mossadegh’s leadership. The military governor had issued orders to troops and police to put down any disorders with force, including bullets, if necessary.

Alternate headlines:

Rioting Student In Tehran Shot to Death
Trial Of Mossadegh Brings Riots; 1 Dead
Red-Led Riots Halted in Tehran
Pro-Mossadegh Agitators Try Demonstrating
Red-Led Attempt In Iran Thwarted
Gov Report Student Is Killed in Riots
Red Students Riot in Iran


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