Anti-American Sentiment Flares In Iranian Riots
March 2, 1953 — United Press [UP]

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American Jeeps Stoned By Reds In Iran As Government Totters — Report Mossadegh In Control Again; Troops Back Shah

U.S. Jeeps Attacked In Tehran
Americans Escape Injury in Latest Iranian Rioting


TEHRAN, Iran (U.P.) — Communist mobs screaming “Yankee go home” stoned three American military jeeps today in the third day of riots in a struggle for political power between Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi and Premier Mohammed Mossadegh.

The mobs forced to a halt jeeps driven by Embassy Administrative Counselor Laurence C. Frank, attache Warren A. Silver and Miss Betty White, an embassy secretary. The three Americans fled uninjured but the jeeps were smashed by rocks and paving stones which the Reds hurled. It was reported mobs stoned the homes of Americans in the capital but the embassy said this was incorrect.

The three-day toll in rioting reached two known killed and 62 wounded. Earlier today troops and police cleared Parliament Square in Tehran with tear gas after a Communist allegedly knifed a Mossadegh follower, student Ahmed Taleghani. The Nationalists tried to carry the 30-year-old student's body into the Parliament building.

The American jeeps en route from military mission headquarters to Iranian army installations were surrounded by a crowd of shouting Communists in the center of Tehran today. The American occupants of the jeeps fled when the Communists blocked their progress.

The Reds heaved rocks and paving stones through the vehicles windshields. The attacks on the jeeps came as heavily armed Iranian troops were rushed to American Point Four — foreign aid — headquarters, the United States Army enlisted men’s club here, the United States government’s information headquarters and other American installations.

Iranian authorities feared the Communists would turn the struggle of Mossadegh for supremacy over the Shah into anti-western demonstrations. Sherman tanks and troop reinforcements also were rushed to the Royal Palace and to Mossadegh’s home.

The Shah was determined in his stand not to allow Mossadegh to force him to leave the country.

But Mossadegh apparently has regained control of the situation. Telegrams from all parts of the country arrived today pledging support to the premier.

However, the Iranian Communist Tudeh Party was trying to exploit the situation and attempting to demonstrate. Basically they were not for Mossadegh.

All schools and factories were closed today.

Striking workers joined thousands of university students in demonstrating for Mossadegh. “Death or Mossadegh!” they shouted. “Nobody defeat our beloved Mossadegh! Down with the traitorous court!”

[The following is an expanded, concurrent variation on the above wire item]

The Shah was determined in his stand not to allow Mossadegh to force him to leave the country. One of his court ministers, Hussein Ala, said the shah spent a restless night, “but his majesty definitely has decided to remain in the country now that the nation opposes his departure.” [Hossein Ala, also former Prime Minister]

Ala denied reports the court was in any way involved in intrigues against Mossadegh’s government and said the Shah supported Mossadegh. Nationalist sources have blamed all the troubles of the past three days on court “intrigues.”

Mossadegh apparently has regained control of the situation. The National Security Council held a special session Monday at the premier’s home. Mossadegh ordered police and military chiefs to prohibit flights by all military planes as a precaution against a possible coup d’etat against his government.

Communist demonstrators surged through streets today giving the clenched fist salute and shouting “Yankee go home” when ever they saw an American in the clash in Parliament Square the Reds stoned and seriously injured Police Major Fazlollah Moghadam when he tried to disperse them.

Mossadegh took the offensive Sunday night after mobs faithful to the Shah had driven him from his home Saturday night in his pajamas. He had taken refuge in an American government building. However, it appeared the army supported the Shah. Army officers were at the head of demonstrators who shouted “death for the Shah.”

The Premier Sunday night ousted the army chief of staff, crushed an attempt by followers of the Shah to seize radio Tehran and demanded a vote of confidence from the Iranian Parliament. The Mossadegh adherents crowded before the Parliament gates — where 30 of the Premier’s Nationalist deputies had dug in to wait out the crisis.

The demonstrators tore down huge portraits of the Shah and replaced them with ones of Mossadegh. There were no anti-Mossadegh slogans heard Monday.

At least two persons had been killed and 48 others injured since Saturday in clashes between demonstrators those favoring tne Shah, Mossadegh’s followers and Communists.

Alternate headlines:

Screaming Iranians Stone Jeep
Red Mobs Stone U.S. Jeeps In Iran Uprising
Iran Rioters Attack Homes Of Americans
Red Mobs Enter Riots In Teheran, Stone U.S. Jeeps
Communist Rioters Hurl Stones at U.S. Jeeps in Tehran
IRANIAN REDS SHOW HAND -- Rioters Stone Two U.s. Army Jeeps In City
Rioting Continues Third Day in Iran; Americans Stoned
Communist Mobs Stone 3 U.S. Embassy Jeeps as Rioters Run Wild in Iran
U.S. Vehicles in Iran Are Stoned By Commie Mobs — Rioting Marks New Crisis in Middle East
American Jeeps Stoned By Reds In Iran As Government Totters — Report Mossadegh In Control Again; Troops Back Shah
Reds Forcing Way Into Rift Between Shah and Premier — Iranian Troops Guard American Building As Unrest Continues
Occupants Escape Uninjured — American Jeeps Stoned By Red Mobs in Iran — Troops Storm Rioters in Parliament Square In Effort to Quell Mossadegh-Shah Outbreak


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