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January 25, 1979 — United Press [UP]

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Iran was lost, but never found... United Press International — Thursday, January 25, 1979.

House panel spreads blame for spook goof

WASHINGTON (UPI) — A House subcommittee said Wednesday America’s top policymakers must share the blame with intelligence forces for failing to anticipate the overthrow of the Shah of Iran.

The House intelligence subcommittee on evaluation, led by Rep. Charles Rose, D-N.C., said the administration was so set in its attitude toward Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi that it had little interest in news of opposition forces.

The panel quoted one intelligence analyst as saying, “Until recently, you couldn’t give away intelligence on Iran.”

Now that the shah has left Iran for what many believe will be permanent exile, a big question in Washington is: Who lost Iran?

The subcommittee said in a report that the intelligence community, led by CIA Director Stansfield Turner, is not the lone culprit.

The U.S.-Britain Alliance To Erase Mossadegh Was Not Inevitable
The U.S.-Britain Alliance To Erase Mossadegh Was Not Inevitable

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