Iran, West End Long And Costly Oil Controversy
August 5, 1954 — United Press (UP)

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Dulles Hails New Iran-British Oil Pact As Triumph


Sec. of State John Foster Dulles WASHINGTON, Aug. 5 — (UP) — Secretary of State John Foster Dulles today hailed the new British-Iranian oil agreement as a triumph of “good will” diplomacy and predicted it will usher in “a new era of great hope and prosperity” for Iran.

In a formal statement issued soon after the signing of the 25-year agreement was announced in Tehran, Dulles said the United States is “extremely pleased” by the settlement of the four-year-old dispute. [it was not even 3½ years] His statement clearly reflected the optimism of diplomatic strategists here who regarded the agreement as a stunning defeat for Russia’s long-standing aim to take over the oil rich Middle East country.

Dulles hinted that the agreement clears the way for further U.S. aid to hasten Iran’s economic recovery. He said U.S. interest in Iran’s progress “has been demonstrated in many ways in the past” and pledged that “it is our intention to continue to demonstrate in practical ways that friendly interest.”

Asserting that “every member of the community of free nations stands to gain” from the settlement of the dispute, Dulles said it demonstrates graphically that “when good will exists and people strive earnestly and realistically a way can always be found with with honor and with fairness to overcome differences.”

He predicted that Iranian oil “in substantial quantities” will begin to flow into world markets again “almost immediately” after conclusion of final detailed agreements.

Alternate headlines:

Dulles Hails New Iranian Oil Pact Triumphantly


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