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March 3, 1953 — Tyrone Daily Herald

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The No’he Esfand event in Tehran (Feb. 28, 1953) was the subject of this lead and sole editorial in The Tyrone Daily Herald of Tyrone, Pennsylvania.


Premier Mossadegh of Iran must have made quite a striking figure the other day when he fled his home in his pajamas, sought refuge in the U.S. Point Four headquarters in Tehran and later called an emergency session of parliament, still clad in his pajamas.

Things happen rather swiftly in Iran and the radical Mossadegh proved it.

The young Shah of Iran has been rather a figurehead in his own country since Mossadegh took over and nationalized the British oil industry. The Shah, evidently, has quite a following and this following in Tehran forced Mossadegh to leave his home in such a hurry that he didn’t have time even to put on his slippers.

And despite his distaste for anything American since he didn’t wheedle a big loan out of Uncle Sam, Mossadegh still believes or had hoped to believe that anything American still might be the land of the free and the home of the brave. So he was brave and took refuge in the U.S. Point Four offices. Where else could he go without further endangering his person? [He wasn’t anti-American]

But Mossadegh still reigns as boss, but his hold on things in Iran seems to be weakening. His nationalization of the oil industry failed to bring in the income expected. In fact he lost all that big income and Iran is tottering on financial ruin. German technicians have been called in to run the refineries, but they haven’t been able to produce—as yet. Therefore, Mossadegh is still having his troubles. [What oil Iran produced couldn’t be sold due to the British blockade]

The spectacle of Mossadegh appearing before the Iran parliament in his pajamas could be no more ridiculous than his action against the British oil interests. And it looks like Mossadegh is nearing the end of his political trail. [Did you know Winston Churchill had attended Parliament in his pajamas?]

SAFER AT HOME: U.S. Implores Shah To Stay In Iran (Feb. 1953)
SAFER AT HOME: U.S. Implores Shah To Stay In Iran (Feb. 1953)

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