Million-Dollar Bomb Shelter
October 27, 1951 — The Times Record (Letter)

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The following letter to the editor was published in The Times Record on Oct. 27th and The Troy Record (their morning edition) on Oct. 29th. Appearing in the “Pulse of the People” section of the editorial page, it picked up upon a previous correspondent’s long, drawn out letter bashing the United Nations.

Wants Referendum On U.N.

Editor The Record: I believe there are many Americans today who believe wholeheartedly with “Commentator’s” views on the United Nations. It is enough to arouse any real American’s wrath.

It certainly was a fiendish scheme put over on the American people by F.D.R. with the aid of Acheson, [Sec. of State Dean Acheson] Hiss [Alger Hiss] and numerous other “One-Worlders”; pushed through by a rubber-stamp Congress which I’ll wager didn’t stop to read the fine print.

Now Mossadegh says they have the right to settle the Iranian oil dispute; he insists that it is none of their business. I’m inclined to agree with him. In other words, the United Nations has no right to meddle in Iran’s internal affairs. If we don’t watch out, it can happen here; these international busybodies would not know where to draw the line.

All I can suggest for the salvation of the United States is that if and when the U.N.’s million-dollar bomb shelter is completed there may be some way that its esteemed members could be lined into it and hermetically sealed in where they could do no further harm. Imagine the gall of them! And the American people are not are even allowed adequate funds for civilian defense. Yet we are helping pay for this.

At one time a Senate report showed that 32 per cent of U.N. members had been trained in espionage in their home countries and that 29 per cent were actively engaged in these activities. To me it seems like an ideal espionage setup. Russia certainly does not have to steal information to find what’s going on.

About recognizing Red China. Don’t think that these characters wouldn’t let her in. Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt [Eleanor Roosevelt] and the other delegates were lined up recently against recognizing Red China. The group was divided whether the United States could or should use the veto if an effort is made to seat Red China. To go farther, asked if she would favor its recognition her answer was: “Not at present.” Further, when asked about use of veto against recognition, she states that we have objected to its use by Russia and “would deplore doing what we disapprove of in other governments,” but that the issue would have to be considered “in the light of information and the situation when the question came up.” Anyone can take it from there.

These characters are trying to put over the “Covenant for Human Rights” on us. Well, if this country is stupid enough to let the Senate ratify it we deserve anything that happens.

I would like to see an amendment put before the voters stating our withdrawal from the United Nations and outlawing it in this country before all our freedom is jeopardized.

Green Island

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