Red Alert
April 16, 1957 — The Times Record

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A classic Cold War editorial in The Times Record of Troy, New York.


Certainly the curve of international ideologies wanders up and down, without the possibility of accurate prediction. It was not many years ago when Russia was establishing bridgeheads in the New World—in Guatemala, and in British Guiana. [Guyana] Both were destroyed, although the latter seems to be taking on new life at the moment.

We will recall the Iranian situation under the redoubtable friend of communism, Mossadegh. He was finally defeated and the Reds were driven out of office. [slander and lies] Indeed, they operate in Iran only under cover today. Jordan has been a serious problem to the free world. It preferred Moscow and Cairo to the West. Nasser, having turned to the Soviets because of his hatred of the free coalition, has been seeking to carry the torch for communism into all the Arab states. [Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser] Jordan was his chief prize, his advance station. Today it looks as though the courageous King Hussein may have won the day for a better connection. [King Hussein ibn Talal survived a failed coup attempt three days earlier]

But the Reds are not through. They will continue, in all areas, to seek the extension of their power. We must keep alert at all times. There is no modification in the program of the Kremlin, its votaries are seeking world domination. Only through continuous, unremitting watchfulness can the free world hope to rebuff the efforts of the Soviets.

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