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August 21, 1953 — The Times Record

The Mossadegh Project | February 5, 2016                    

“Iran appears to be on the road to stability”, commented Troy, New York newspaper The Times Record in their fresh reaction to the 1953 coup in Iran.

An adjacent editorial retroactively slammed Harry Truman and Dean Acheson for having ‘tolerated’ Communist infiltration in the government. This was followed by Eisenhower Is Right, which showered praise on the President’s approach to fighting Communism.

Imagine how much they would have adored him had they only known that Ike had sanctioned an elaborate, covert CIA scheme to crush Premier Mossadegh, whom they passionately detested.


The surrender of pajama-clad Mohammed Mossadegh, ousted premier of Iran, is a dramatic incident in keeping with the sensation-packed developments of recent weeks. This tame surrender to the Shah’s representative brought Mossadegh full circle. Only a few hours earlier he had placed a price on the head of the man to whom he surrendered himself, Premier Zehedi. [sic — General Fazlollah Zahedi]

Behind the drama, however, lies substantial hope for Iran’s return to tranquility under a stable and representative government. The would-be dictator is himself exhibiting confidence in the new government by surrendering. Evidently he is aware that the reign of the mobs and the terror of assassination which he instituted are ended. [Unbelievable gall]

Shah Pahlevi’s [Mohammad Reza Pahlavi] order to protect Mossadegh and the scrupulous discharge by the new premier of his promise to safeguard the prisoner from lynching are good signs for the future. Legal processes apparently have been restored and the authorities are preserving order.

Moreover, moderation is substituted for violence. The fact that Mossadegh is not dealt with summarily speaks well for the new regime. Iran has seen too much rioting and bloodshed. The country desperately needs a calm and stable government. With Mossadegh in custody the chief source of disorder is removed.

SENTENCED TO HANG: Mossadegh’s Media-Contrived Death Verdict
SENTENCED TO HANG: Mossadegh’s Contrived Death Verdict


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