The Show’s Not the Thing

October 9, 1951 — The Troy Record

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The Troy Record in New York published this commentary in anticipation of Mossadegh’s United Nations appearance. Their lead editorial was the anti-Truman “Motives And Dangers”.

Mossadegh Appears Ready For Business

Iranian Premier Mossadegh has arrived in New York to plead his country’s case before the Security Council Thursday. Dr. Mossadegh is noted for impassioned oratory and his eloquence habitually serves as a frame to display dramatic talents that include tears and fainting spells. The Premier’s appearance before the Security Council promises a new sensation for television, and in the nick of time to take over the World Series spot.

For once, however, the show’s not the thing. Dr. Mossadegh will not win or lose by virtue of histrionics. The Iranian Premier has done remarkably well to date but his bedding down in the parliament building in Teheran and his weeping and fainting are not responsible. He has managed to get his own way thus far by the simple expediency of refusing to compromise. He demands concessions from the British oil company and refuses to yield an inch in return.

There are limits to that sort of negotiating and Mossadegh has arrived at the boundary. He has crowded the British just about as far as they can be driven with profit to Iran. The British have evacuated Abadan; Iran has undisputed possession of the oil fields and the refineries. If the flow of oil is to be resumed Dr. Mossadegh will have to listen to reason for a change. For all his play acting the Iranian Premier is an able politician and can be counted on to comprehend the realities of the deadlock he has created.

The fact is that the appearance of the hitherto immovable Mossadegh in New York is a development that warrants hope for settlement of the oil controversy. In the first place, the Premier is on neutral soil. He is in another world and a new atmosphere. Mossadegh in New York is cut off from the fiery fanaticism of Teheran and is standing in the presence of an international peace agency.

Probably more important, the Mossadegh retinue includes petroleum experts and the Iranian Oil Board members. He is equipped to negotiate with the British. Had Mossadegh planned to state his claims and challenge the Security Council jurisdiction, then go home, he would not have required these men in attendance. Discussion between the principals in this dispute are possible and Dr. Mossadegh is responsible for that fact. Regardless of what the Security Council may do or refuse to do the best method of settling the controversy, perhaps the only way, is found in renewed bargaining between the British and the Iranians. The stage is set for resumption of negotiations. We have a right to hope that the discussions will take place and that better progress will be made toward agreement in New York than would have been the case in Iran.

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