Persecuting Bahá’ís in Iran
June 20, 1955 — The Times Record

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Editorial in The Times Record newspaper of Troy, NY — Monday evening, June 20, 1955. It was followed by “A YEAR IN GUATEMALA”, an editorial praising the Castillo government that replaced Arbenz in the (then-classified) 1954 CIA coup.


When it comes to pushing other people around the Iranians are making a strong bid for first place. This is unusual because the shah’s people have been pushed around so much themselves you’d think they would know that the practice never pays off.

Most Iranians are Moslems. They have decided that only the Moslem religion can be practiced. Consequently they have outlawed the Bahai religion and are now in the process of destroying the beautiful temple in Tehran.

This group, stemming from the teachings of Mirza Husayn Ali, emphasized the spiritual unity of mankind, advocates peace and is extremely ethical and tolerant in its beliefs.

In Iran, where the group started, there are 500 congregations. There are 40 congregations in North America. The Bahai garden on Mount Carmel in Israel is a world attraction.

These people never gave offense to anyone. That they should be singled out by the Iranian Moslems for persecution reflects an unrest in Iran that has not yet come to the political surface. The new government that has followed the downfall of Mossadegh and restored the shah to power is not as enlightened as it would seem. It should be told by its Western friends that religious persecution is outmoded.

End of Empire: Iran | Granada Television | ITV (1985)
End of Empire: Iran | Granada Television | ITV (1985)


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