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August 5, 1953 — The Times Record

The Mossadegh Project | November 28, 2016                    

The Times Record in New York ran this editorial condemning Mossadegh’s referendum to dissolve the Majles (Parliament), equating it with Soviet tactics. Note that the title misleadingly refers to an “election”, though the body of the piece covers only a referendum.


How closely Premier Mossadegh is in imitating the Communists in fastening his dictatorship on Iran is demonstrated by the referendum in Tehran on dissolution of the country’s parliament. In theory, the electorate was granted a choice. But secret voting was eliminated. In order to oppose the abolition of the Majlis, opponents had to enter a separate voting booth labeled with a sign branding those who entered as traitors and sign their names and affix their identity card numbers and thumbprints.

No wonder the Communists in Iran’s capital turned out several thousand strong to cheer Mossadegh and to urge his supporters to vote. The Communists realize that he is setting up a despotism after their own pattern and one which will enable them to take the reins with a minimum of effort.

For a man who poses as a saviour of his country from foreign plotters, Dr. Mossadegh adopts curious practices. He has set aside the Iranian constitution by presenting the dissolution question because the nation’s charter provides a legislative body to reflect the will of the people. He has made a virtual prisoner of the Shah and banished members of the ruler’s family. [his sister Ashraf Pahlavi was the only other member who left Iran] Every restraint on his authority is being eradicated, step by step. Under his rule, Iran is becoming a Soviet state in everything except name. And the Communist enthusiasm for his “reforms” indicate that the name soon may be attached with accuracy.

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