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February 16, 1952 — The Times Record

Arash Norouzi

The Mossadegh Project | May 22, 2015                    

Dr. Hossein Fatemi On Saturday, February 16, 1952, Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Fatemi was seriously wounded when a gun-wielding teenage disciple of the fanatical Feda’ian Islam organization attempted to murder him. By that evening, The Times Record of Troy, New York had already formed an opinion on its significance.

What was their conclusion? That the extremist Prime Minister, a hapless accomplice to terrorism, was ultimately to blame for Iran’s woes.


The shooting of Hossein Fatemi, right-hand man of Iranian Premier Mossadegh, may not become another political assassination; the wounded former deputy premier may survive. Whether Mr. Fatemi lives or dies, however, the shooting opens a glimpse of Iran’s plight.

Dr. Mossadegh is ruling by virtue of support from fanatical nationalists and religious terrorists. He adopted the nationalist slogans and carried them out, expropriating foreign holdings and driving out foreign capital, technicians and guards. Mossadegh has ventured so far long the path laid down for him by the extremists that the country is insolvent, riots break out and economic dislocations prevail.

Still, the Moslem fanatics are not satisfied and one of these terrorists attempts to kill in order to win release of an imprisoned revolutionist. The bullet fired at Mr. Fatemi is a warning to Mossadegh that he may become the next target.

The Iranian premier has been rash but he is not reckless enough to suit the terrorists. Their goal is a blood bath and reversion to the feudal barbarism of bygone centuries. Mossadegh’s attempt to retain a semblance of law and order while leaning on the terrorists for support is a failure. He is a prisoner of the forces he has unloosed.


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