October 28, 1953 — TRIBUNE

The Mossadegh Project | August 4, 2017    

This article appeared in TRIBUNE, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA), printed weekly and based in Sydney.

We cannot verify any of the specific allegations leveled here, although the emergence of a fascist police state in Iran after the August 1953 coup was not imaginary.

TRIBUNE (Sydney, Australia) Communist newspaper


BERLIN: The fascist coup d’etat by the ZAHEDI Government in Iran last August, [Fazlollah Zahedi] backed and organised directly by the Americans, has been followed by a reign of terror, repression, police actions against the people fighting for national independence, democracy, peace.

The military Government has declared a state of siege, forbidden meetings of more than three, banned the progressive press. The prisons are full of fighters for peace, liberty, and 150 people were sent to concentration camps. Arrested and thrown into prison were 120 young Iranian boys and girls returned from Rumania after attending the recent World Festival of Youth for Peace and Friendship.

Hundreds of families, mothers, wives, left with little children and no protection, live in constant fear and anxiety, not knowing if their menfolk are alive, imprisoned, suffering police torture.

The Women’s International Democratic Federation, speaking for 140,000,000 women in 66 countries sent a telegram to Prime Minister Zahedi in Teheran protesting against the brutal police attacks, the arrests of leaders, pledging solidarity with Iranian women, mothers, in their courageous fight to free their families.

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