Party of Experts
February 11, 1954 — The West Australian

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This editorial in The West Australian newspaper follows reports that a team of 20 British oil experts would be conducting a week long inspection of the AIOC’s expropriated oil facilities in Abadan, Iran.


There is a suggestion of some advance towards a settlement of the Anglo-Persian oil dispute in the departure from London of a large party of experts. They will examine the field and refinery installations which were owned and operated by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company up to the time of their practical confiscation under the Persian nationalisation law in 1951. The Persians then made a colossal blunder, under the nationalistic sway of the Mossadeq Government, in making the position of the Anglo-Iranian Company untenable. Not only has Persia suffered a disastrous loss of revenue in the cessation of the industry, but Persian supplies to the free world market have been replaced from other sources. With the change of Government in Persia, however, it is in British and Western interests to negotiate an acceptable settlement and get Persian oil flowing again to some appreciable extent order to prevent a Persian economic breakdown and improve Middle East security. Any settlement must provide compensation for the nationalisatlon of the Anglo-Iranian Company’s assets, and that can only be paid from future oil revenues.


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