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December 3-10, 1979 — The Spectrum (Letters)

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These letters to the editor ran in the student newspaper of University at Buffalo (SUNY) in New York, The Spectrum. The writer of the second letter, economics major Mark Molnar, graduated in 1981 and later became a faculty member of the college, where he remains today.

December 3, 1979

Maniac in Iran

To the Editor:

Three cheers for our leftist colleagues in this university. There’s nothing like more than having radical liberal propaganda shoved in my face every time I read a paper on this campus. Not only do these good people enjoy cutting down our country every chance they get, but now they have the gall to support a maniac in the Middle East who presides over brainless rabble ready to do his every whim. [Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini] He’s a “hero” who has “rescued” his country from an oppressive regime. [Shah of Iran] Yes, there’s nothing like thanking one murdering maniac for rescuing your country from another so-labelled murderer. Iran would be number one on my list to take a vacation to. After all, where else can you go where 15th century living is offered. Why don’t we take a poll and see how many Iranians would like to go back there right now. It would be fine with me if all these avid followers of the maniac in Iran would get the hell out of this country if they hate it so much. All I hear is death to America—fine! Get out of here if you don’t like America. And we’ll be happy to let you live off your oil for food after we cut off all exports to your country. Let the leftist regimes and Russia feed Iran. It’s time America got tired of being spit on by the rest of the world. If we don’t take a stand soon, we may fall to the hostility of other nations. Of course, the radicals in this school would like nothing better than for America to take insult after insult. Maybe these people should go live in a country they support, such as Iran, Russia, or Vietnam, then maybe they’ll realize how good they have it in this country. One more thing, I don’t give a damn if you call me names and degrade my upbringing, because I know I’m an American, and proud to be one, which is lot more that I can say for some people around here. So why don’t you leftist jerks and your buddies like Creatoza Keet and others who show only their ignorance of the real world wake up to what’s really going on or have the communists brainwashed you to the point where you can’t tell what is right and what is wrong. The more I read your tripe the more I believe you people are too far gone. I have pity on stupid people like you.

Name withheld upon request

December 10, 1979

Worldly Good

To the Editor:

For what it’s worth, I whole-heartedly agree with the writer of “Maniac In Iran,” published in Monday’s The Spectrum.

I have been a commuter student here for the past three years, and I must admit that I have been guilty of the mortal sin of apathy. However, few weeks ago, I was present in the Fillmore Room where an “informal” discussion (an open meeting) was taking place on the problems in Iran. There were students shouting, waving flags, accusing each group of attrocities [sic] and generally having themselves quite a “good” time.

I originally was in Squire to see my DUE advisor, but was stopped by all the shouting. At first, I just stood and listened, but as I did a short woman of about 30 came up to me, wearing a Communist party button on her lapel, and tried to convince me that the United States government instigates world disorder. She then wanted to know if I would like a newspaper she carried, which I believe was called The Revolutionary Worker or something like it. I opposed her viewpoint and was labeled an ignorant person and an imperialist.

Another gentleman came up to me, as he had thought I said something to him, and proceeded to tell me about the revolution that will take place in this country when everyone revolts (he said that he is a self proclaimed anarchist and an enemy of the U.S. government). I did not agree with his views, and was called a dupe of David Rockefeller and The Tri-Lateral Commission, the real rulers of the world.

What is the point to all this? While I agree that it is their right to free speech, why must I be called an imperialist, warmongering dupe of the American government (controlled by David Rockefeller and the Tri-Lateral Commission)? I ask why the Communist party, anarchists, and other assorted anti U.S. groups are trying [to] influence the members of U.B.’s student and faculty body?

These people have nothing good to say about the U.S. They seem to forget that it is only in this country, and others in the free world that they can cut down any government or belief that they choose. Why do Third World nations conveniently forget the fact that it is we who keep their economies afloat, not to add feed their millions? Perhaps most importantly, we keep this world free of domination by the Soviet Union; if this is such good system, why then do people risk their lives to escape from East Berlin in the West? Or jump Soviet ships to gain asylum in the U.S.? I have unsaid the reasons why.

At this point, I respectfully ask just what the fuck is going on? Why can’t these people look at the good things the U.S. has done, and is doing, for the world? I am sick and tired of hearing this shit about Uncle Sam exploiting the world. I think those that berate the U.S. should get their shit together and look at what good the U.S. does for the world.

Mark Molnar


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